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Where some of our clients Invest


This is a UCITS (undertaking for collective investments In Securities)...

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Bond Fund

This portfolio is for those who are looking for a smarter way of saving their funds and having higher rates of interest than normal...

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Self-invested Personal Pensions

This portfolio is meant to provide alternative retirement plans for people in the CEMAC region looking to set aside a portion of their income while in active service for when they go on retirement...

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Our consulting services are used by participants as a means for borrowing and lending in the short term, with maturities that usually range from a month to just under a year...

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About Us

Fortune investment and wealth management is a financial advisory firm, registered and operating in Cameroon and the CEMAC Region (RC.YAO.2020B.870) . Our services are meant to help individuals and firms build sustainable wealth by investing in the financial markets. We help our clients build income bringing stock portfolios as well as invest in a number of assets that helps them grow their wealth in the long term. Working with investment and asset managers, we pride ourselves in our motto ‘Integrity Before A Profit’ because we believe that by helping others build wealth, we stand a chance of helping our Nations around the CEMAC Region become wealthy and prosperous. We are bringing in transparency and honesty into the financial sector in the CEMAC region, and through education helping many more people understand risk, investments, and sustainable wealth.


True wealth comes with diversification; therefore we prioritise our investments in a manner that keeps risk minimal through portfolio diversification. We also have various investment products to choose from based on your risk appetite.

What is Fortune?

Fortune is an asset management firm that leverages the expertise of money managers, traders and knowledgeable asset managers in the stock/equities market, bonds, forex and alternative investments to the benefit of ordinary investors and people seeking to better their financial situation and build sustainable wealth.

Stop Wishing. Start Doing

Fortunes is built with sustainability in mind, and with one common objective in mind “financial freedom according to your terms” leveraging our expertise. Our sole goal is to help everyone from any background to build a sustainable investment portfolio today that will transcend their lifetime into an inheritance for posterity. So rather than keep thinking about it, start doing with Fortune as your able and confident partner.

The team of investment managers at Fortunes understand risk, and are committed to using their knowledge and expertise to ensure that investor funds are well managed at a pre-agreed draw down or risk acceptance

Our Mission

Our mission is to create 100,000 wealthy individuals per Nation in Africa who will in turn create and build a network of wealthy individuals.

Our Plan

We aim at leveraging our experiences in the forex and stock markets through a system of investments avenues that enables people create passive and residual income, as they build a network and organisation using our systems of investments and money management.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform Africa and help it become a wealthy continent by creating wealthy individuals.

Our Care

True wealth comes with diversification; therefore we also aim at teaching all our agents and clients how diversify their investments to ensure sustainability and growth.


We are dedicated to developing strong client partnershipsby delivering local expertise on a truly global platform. Focused on forward-thinking investment solutions, we are able to navigate challenges, identify long-term growth and create real lasting value for you and your clients.