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Vision & Mission


Our objectives are very simple and clear. Help everyone to create wealth and build a sustainable source of income for themselves and children.

We aim to create 100k wealthy individuals per nation of Africa using a network marketing philosophy and helping these people to do the same across their Nations.

How we differ from other MLM Firms

We believe in collective growth. This means so much for us because our goal covers the whole African continent and not just a few people, therefore, we believe that our success is tied to the success of every single member of our organisation and movement. That is why we are committed to the education of members and their organisations.

First we believe that wealth should be obtained through ethically acceptable channels, and as such we believe that educating our members on the importance of financial literacy will go a long way to help us build a sustainable business model that works for all.

Again, unlike other MLM companies, our compensation plan is linear, which means every client becomes an entrepreneur and MUST work to build their organisation within the policies and rules of Fortunes. We want to create millions of wealthy individuals who are willing to commit to the philosophy and not to make only a handful of people wealthy.

Besides, we believe that for anyone to be involved in what we are doing they must be educated and become willingly acceptable of the risks associated to the financial markets, and the acknowledgment that the value of their investments can go up or down depending on the market.

Our Product/Service

The Fortune Equity Fund

This is a UCITS (undertaking for collective investments In Securities)

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This is a Forex Market Fund managed by the company for its clients. The principle of this fund is fundamentally and essentially different from the Equities Fund.

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Fortune Automatic Savings Account or Bond Fund (FASA)

This portfolio is for those who are looking for a smarter way of saving their funds and having higher rates of interest than normal

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Fortune investment only plays an advisory role to this fund or product and not the issuer or asset management firm for this fund or investments. For more details please refer to asset managers website here