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As a company where merit is a core value, we have three clubs where staff and agents can aspire to belong to base on individual efforts and contributions. We celebrate success and we nourish and groom it. The development of our people is paramount to the overall success of the company; therefore, mediocrity is not welcomed at fortune. That is why we train the best, hire the best and work with the best and that is why we also celebrate the best.

There are three honorary clubs that your performance can get you into. These are exclusive clubs which come with many treats, pecks, recognition and also responsibilities. Only one thing can get you into one of these clubs: Hard work.



This is also known as the 750k club. It is reserved only for those who have pulled in $750,000 and above in investments withing any given year. It is a club designed to celebrate high achievers of the year and to recognise their contributions to the company.


  • Once you qualify for this club, you are entitled to an international holiday, with all expenses paid for by the company along with a cash to spend or shop worth $5000. Or you could simply claim a cash bonus of $10,000. It can be paid out in dollars of local currency or however you choose.
  • At the Fortune Investment annual gathering, you will be presented with a Governor’s medal of achievement which will automatically award you exclusive access to all corporate events, both private and public for members of your club.
  • You will also feature on the Fortune Investment Network magazine with a page dedicated to your story.
  • Finally, you will be a guest of honour at all events with speaking engagements.
  • $1000 Bonus for graduating up.


This is also known as the Multi-million club. It is reserved for those who have worked extremely hard and who within three years of being with the company, bring in net investments of three million dollars ($3,000,000) and above. Members of this club become integral members of the organisation. They are the golden nuggets of the company and are celebrated as such.


  • Brand new SUV (jeep) presented to you at a special occasion
  • An international holiday for you and a loved one all paid for by the company. This will be an all expense inclusive holiday plus a spending allowance of $10,000 or you could just claim a cash bonus of $25000.00 paid directly to your bank account.
  • You will be featured on the front cover of Fortune Investment magazine and an article on your achievements.
  • You will also be presented with the Presidents Club medal of honour for excellence with the company.
  • You will be incorporated into Fortunes speaker’s association, which is an exclusive club made up of only the best men and women at fortune.


This is the ultimate club of achievement and prestige at Fortune. It is reserved to only a few men and women who stand tall above all others in achievement, hard work and character. To belong to this club, members of both lower clubs along with company executives must vote for you based on all your achievement and contributions for the company. You must also be God-fearing and of a sound character and utmost integrity. This club is truly reserved for royalty.
To become a member, you must have brought in investments of $7.5million and above and have developed and led a team. On a special event and occasion marked for your recognition, members of the other clubs will vote for you, and then you will be welcomed into the club.


  • You will be awarded $50,000 bonus
  • A brand-new SUV
  • A Family holiday paid for by the company for up to five members of your family to any destination around the world.
  • Monthly feature on the fortune magazine for twelve months
  • Front Page cover on the Fortune magazine
  • You will become a member of the BOARD at fortune investment
  • You will become a member of the Fortune speaker's association
  • You will be made an ambassador to other Nations

Chairman’s Club (gold)

This is special club for the selected few who will prove themselves worthy. It is reserved for those who will introduce 5000 plus clients directly or indirectly and must have at least $7.5 million in their portfolio. This group seats at executive level in the company.


  • Once qualified, there will be a family sponsored holiday for up to 5 persons to any international destination with expenses covered to the tune of $40000 or a cash payment to you.
  • You will become not just a VIP guest speaker to all events but will be called upon to help build the vision of the company which means extra earnings.
  • You will be a regular featured personality on the fortune magazine.
  • You will have a brand new SUV or Sports paid for by the company.
  • You will be awarded the chairman’s medal of honor.

Fortune Medal of Honor (silver)

This will be awarded to fortune investment network’s best performers, super stars, highest investors, highest paid investors, as well as those who add great value to the company in a meaningful and acceptable way.


  • You will also be entitled to a brand new SUV bought and paid for by the company
  • You will be featured on the front on the front page of Fortune Investment magazine
  • You will become a regular speaker at all events and conventions.
  • You will be awarded the Fortune medal of honor for presidents.

Fortune Investment magazine

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