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At Fortune Investments and Wealth Management, there are different classes of investors based on either the number of shares they hold, or the amount of funds invested in any of the portfolios offered. Based on your classification as an investor, you get different pecks from the company as well as recognition and awards at company events.

Admission into any group is based first on qualifying through the investments made and also in the annual subscriptions paid as of when announced. The benefits of membership is described and stated categorically under each.

Bronze Investor: ($100 - $4999)

To become a bronze member investor, you must invest between $100 - $5000 in any of the investment service offerings provided by the fortune investment network.


Bronze tickets to all events

Silver Investor: ($5000 to $24,999)

To qualify as a silver member investor, you must invest between $5000 and $24,999 in any of the investment offerings provided by Fortune Investment and Wealth Management.


Silver tickets to all events

Branded T-Shirt for all events

Designated seating at events

Gold Investor: ($25000 to $99,999)

To qualify as a gold investor, you must have a cumulative invested capital of $25000 to $99,999 exclusive of any returns, dividends or profits. These funds could be held in one or more of our investment offerings.


Gold tickets to all events and corporate gatherings

Branded event T-shirts for corporate gatherings

Signed copy of ‘Into The Light’

Feature on Fortune Investment Network Magazine

$1000 bonus credited into FX Fund only

Opportunity to become a member of the advisory committee

Diamond Investor: ($100,000 to $249,999)

To become a member of the Diamond investor club, your collective invested capital across fortune investment network products must be between $100,000 and $249,999. This must be exclusive of dividends or returns on capital.


Diamond tickets to all corporate events

Exclusive invitations to private corporate gatherings

Diamond branded T-shirts for corporate events

A signed copy of Into the light

Accessories exclusive to diamond members alone

$2000 to $5000 credited to the Fx Fund or portfolio

Exclusive feature in the Fortune Investment Magazine

Opportunity to be highly considered as a member of advisory committee

Elite Investor: ($250,000+).

This is the highest club and honours given to an investor. This is for those who have invested over $250,000 into any of the investment offerings in the network. These are truly partners to the company and the company will accord the same level of respect to them.


Member of the high table at all corporate events

Exclusive invitations to private corporate events like parties and galas

Exclusive front-page cover on the Fortune Investment Magazine

Speaking spot in corporate events

Branded Elite T-shirts for events

Branded accessories

A special Signed and autographed copy of Into The Light from the Founder

$7000 bonus into the Fx Fund.

A Paid Holiday from the company

A Fortune Medal of Honour

Automatic qualification into the Fortune advisory committee