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Career Path in Fortunes

With fortunes you will work your way from an Introducing Broker to becoming a Portfolio Manager.

Introducing Broker(IB)

You become an IB once you sign up and you complete as an IB once you obtain your first ten clients.

Account Manager(AM)

Once you graduate as IB you become an account manager. The criteria is you must work with your first ten clients to obtain ten clients each. To graduate from AM position you must therefore have 110 clients including your original 10 and excluding yourself. So 111 clients including yourself.

Sales Manager(SM)

Once your organisation grows to become 110 people or clients strong, you become a sales manager. And as a sales manager, your focus is to develop and help your downline to grow in knowledge as well as value. To graduate from this level each of your 110 clients MUST sign up 10 clients each. Meaning you must have 1100 clients to move up to the next level.

Portfolio Manager(PM)

Now you have 1100 people in your organisation. The work at the level becomes more managerial, educational and training. Your task is working with all your SMs, AMs, and IBs to add or obtain 10 clients each, so as they progress you too also progress. To graduate from this level you must have 11000 clients in your organisation.

Executive Director (ED)

This is an honorary role where you join the company’s executive team, with other bonuses, salaries and commissions from your organisation.